What Polis Students Are Saying

What Our Students Are Saying

 Three words that come to mind when thinking about Polis classes: Opening, comfortable, bright-Polis Student, Jan. 2016

Our class was engaging, socratic, enjoyable!-Polis Student, Jan 2016

Some thoughts on our recent class: Fun (the beer offerings were delicious and served their purpose perfectly!) Relaxing…it was a very nice discussion. “Man, there’s a lot out there to discover and learn!”-Polis Student, Dec. 2015

Faulkner was a good suggestion because I find him challenging and wouldn’t have read him on my own.- Polis Student, Dec. 2015

Our class was engaging, socratic, enjoyable!-Polis Student, Jan 2016

The only thing that I regret about this course was how it was only an hour!- Polis Student, March 2014

Stimulating, enjoyable, challenging- Polis Student, March 2014

Expansive, growth-oriented, fun!-Polis Student, February 2014

Laughter, laughter, and more laughter!- Polis Student, February 2014

Three words that come to mind when I think about my Polis class is: fun, enlightening, smart people.-Polis Student, February 2014

It was excellent ! As long as the instructors are intelligent and interesting, I like that they aren’t necessarily experts on the topic. Makes it more friendly, less intimidating.-Polis Student, Feb. 2014

Laughter, laughter, and more laughter!-Polis Student, February 2014

Polis is engaging, fun, stimulating.-Polis Student, February 2014

The courses have been great. I really appreciate that we aren’t judged if we miss some of the reading. Very kind and smart people involved.-Polis Student, February 2014

I signed up for Polis  because I wanted more “intellectual” or reflective conversation with my partner.-Polis Student, February 2014

My first Polis class was a reminder of both how important, and how fun small group discussion can be. I reconnected with what lit me up about learning in the first place.-Polis Student, Dec. 2013

The instructor guided the discussion with impressive skill. She was well-prepared with discussion guidelines and topics. She guided the group with interesting prompts and knew when it was time to move onto a new topic while giving everyone a chance to share their thoughts.- Polis Student, Dec. 2013

Vivid, exhilarating, refreshing, addictive, welcoming, under-appreciated.- Polis Student, Dec. 2013

Comfortable, thought-provoking, entertaining, fun- Polis student, Dec. 2013

Polis has a way of combining quality interaction with quality literature. It’s fun to get different perspectives on a subject, to discuss an author’s intent, and to see where our own beliefs sway our judgement on the material. Curiosity is encouraged, and where there is curiosity, there is learning.- Polis Student, Dec. 2013

This (and the taste I have for fine beers) will bring me back.-Polis Student, Dec. 2013

The instructor did a great job at mediating the group. She was very present and asked the right kinds of questions to tease out the group’s opinions.-Polis Student, Dec. 2013

I took this course because I was looking for some structure to help me read more.-Polis Student, Dec. 2013

That was truly wonderful – I’m really glad I came. –Polis Student, Nov. 2013

I found our instructor to be VERY prepared and knowledgeable. I also found her to have a great deft touch with the humans- knowing just when to inject a question or ask for more, and knowing when to direct the conversation another direction.-Polis Student, Oct. 2013

Keep the conversation going! I just signed up for a second class! –Polis Student, Oct. 2013

Fun, some pretension but not as much as I had expected, surprising opinions and a nice mix of people.-Polis Student, Oct. 2013

I decided to take a Polis course because I was looking for an opportunity to read and learn from great books, and talk about it with other people, which is something that I really care about. My experience of Polis was wonderful. The course involved around a question, rather than a topic, which encouraged me to read the book very deeply in order to find my answers, which I was able to share with others who had their answers. I felt joyful by how the class engaged with each other’s answers regardless of their difference by sincerely trying to understand the meaning of each answer, and its relationship with the book and question.-Polis Student, Oct. 2013

As I rush throughout my packed day as a science instructor then rush through my evenings grading and planning for lessons, I stop and wonder in what direction do I rush? I choose to have my life be fulfilling not just full. Polis is that opportunity to add that pausing and fulfilling breathe to my life… Thanks! –Polis Student, Oct. 2013

I appreciate how the purpose of Polis is to create a community, and how Polis strives to do that through great books, sincere discussions, and casual hang-outs, all of which contributes to a great life, and encourages face-to-face communication with fellow human beings. I like how Polis, through its clear vision and solid methods, is making a statement that communication is vital to a great life.-Polis Student, Oct. 2013

Wonderful and life enriching! It enriched my life. –Polis Student, Oct. 2013

I appreciated knowing the “ground rules” for discourse before discussion began. The material was just the right amount of reading for an excursion such as the introductory class, and Montaigne was engaging as an author.-Polis Student, Nov. 2013

[Our Polis instructor] was very helpful in steering conversation, keeping us on task, and made me feel very welcome. I would definitely come back.-Polis Student, Nov. 2013

I have been planning to take a continuing education class and Polis was an easy way to do it.-Polis Student, Nov. 2013

I was drawn in by the particular class that was being offered. It intrigued me.-Polis Student, Nov. 2013



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