The Meaning of Polis

Polis (/ˈpɒlɨs/πόλιςAncient Greek: [pólis]), plural poleis (/ˈpɒlz/, πόλεις[póleːs]), literally means city in Greek. It also connotes citizenship or a body of citizens.

In The Republic, Plato laid out the idea that government (as exercised in the polis) ought to be in service of a common good. Of course, there were many problems with ancient Greek democracy- come take a Polis class on The Republic and learn more!

The concept that a “…a city is what it is because the citizens are what they are” (Republic, Book IV)  is the driving force behind Polis.

We believe that when adults feel connected to one another, understand perspectives other than their own, and are engaged in ongoing inquiry this will make our city all the better.

Ongoing Liberal Arts Education Accessible to All

Polis offers discussion-based courses in the liberal arts and sciences and an opportunity for adults to be part of a decidedly off-line community. At Polis, we remove the obstacles to learning and community participation for the working adult – our courses are small, local, short-term, and inexpensive. Join us for a course at Polis.

...as seen on the sidewalks of Dolores St, SF

…as seen on the sidewalks of Dolores St, SF

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