Teach at Polis

Polis is always looking for exceptional instructors. Our instructors are expert facilitators who have experience leading small group seminar style classes in the liberal arts and sciences. A Polis instructor knows when and how to direct a conversation and when to let students take the lead.  The instructor has an expertise and strong working knowledge of the texts and disciplines that s/he is teaching.

Polis instructors work with the director to propose, create, and teach their course offerings.

Polis instructors are contract employees and are paid on a per class basis. Prospective Polis instructors should view teaching at Polis as an opportunity to participate in the community as a public intellectual and as a chance to earn minimal amounts of supplemental income.

Most Polis instructors will teach between 1-3 seminar courses in a year depending on their availability, course sign-ups, and proposed course topics. Upon submitting a resume and note of interest, if your background turns out to be a match, the Polis director will contact you and explain the next steps.

Qualifications of a Polis Instructor

  • An advanced degree with a focus on one or more of the liberal arts or sciences is highly desired. Yet, we also recognize that skilled instructors can have eclectic academic backgrounds- contact us to find out if you are a fit.
  • Experience teaching and leading seminar style discussion courses.
  • We are actively seeking a diverse instructor cohort and encourage all qualified and interested candidates to complete the form below and we will get back to you within a week. 

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