Community Orgs. We Admire

Organizations We LOVE

If you like what Polis is doing then you may enjoy learning about some community-minded organizations and small businesses who we admire. We like these organizations and small businesses because they are shaking things up when it comes to building adult community through shared inquiry,learning, and in-person activity.

  • Knowledge Commons DC  a free school for thinkers, doers, and tinkerers – taught anywhere, by anyone, for everyone.
  • Nerd Night
  • The Kitchen, San Francisco  one part indie shabbat community, one part San Francisco experiment, and one part tool kit for DIY jewish practice. 
  • School of Life a cultural enterprise offering good ideas for everyday life. We offer a variety of programmes and services concerned with how to live wisely and well.
  • The Brooklyn Institute for Social Research provides liberal arts educational opportunities to local communities. At the same time, it provides material and intellectual support and space for young scholars to teach, write, research, publish and, put simply, work.
  • Symposium Great Books Institute provides the highest quality lifetime liberal learning opportunities for adults of all walks of life, by supporting a community of learning dedicated to this end.  Symposium offers rigorous Socratic seminars  (liberal or free discussion with a serious purpose) based on primary or original texts.
  • The Brooklyn Brainery accessible, community-driven, crowdsourced education.
  • 18 Reasons empowering our community with the creativity and confidence needed to buy, cook, and eat good food every day.
  • The Writing Salon small classes held in comfortable, cozy settings complete with fresh-brewed coffee, tea and snacks. We are big enough to provide a wide selection of classes and teachers, but small enough to ensure intimacy and individual attention. Classes include fiction, poetry, personal essays, memoirs, screenwriting, playwriting, travel writing, food writing, publishing and much more! Locations in San Francisco and East Bay.
  • San Francisco Free School offers free classes to anyone and everyone who wants to learn, have fun and meet new people. Classes include dance, drumming, martial arts, philosophy, dating, meditation, improv, yoga, writing and many more subjects.
  • Treat Social Club a collaborative multimedia bi-monthly show held at The Go Game Headquarters and anchored by the Realistic Orchestra.  We feature all new works composed, choreographed, directed and compiled around a theme, culling together top-notch Bay Area  videographers, dancers, aerialists, musicians, poets and game designers.
  • Healthy Spirits purveyors  of specialty beer and whiskey from around the world with two locations in San Francisco! We specialize in: Belgian Beer, Trappist Ales, German Beers, Sour and Farmhouse Styles, American Micro Brews, Barrel Aged Beers and exclusive beers made just for Healthy Spirits. Healthy Spirits is a partner for the Polis Drinkers and Great Thinkers course series.

Let us know who we are missing!

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