Get Involved

As a start-up social enterprise, Polis “lives off the land” as much as possible in order to keep class prices low (most are $25/session) and pay instructors well. There are several ways you can be a part of Polis:

Provide a Space to Call Home

We are currently operating Polis on a “pop up” model. We are holding our classes in the Women’s Building and a few other locations throughout the city in order to get a feel for the best permanent location. We are actively seeking a warm and welcoming permanent space to call home. We are open to unconventional space sharing options. If you have a space that you would like to loan or rent to Polis while you are trying to lease it, we are open to subletting for the short term. If you have a small business that closes by 5:30 on weeknights and you are willing to sublet your space to Polis contact us. We aim to be a part of the growing Bay Area sharing economy with a shared or subleased space.

Make a Financial Contribution

We are looking for investors who are interested in making a financial investment in Polis. There is cultural and market need for Polis: people are hungry for community and learning and many Bay Area adults are increasingly dissatisfied by the dominant online modes of community, connection, and education. We aren’t anti-technology at Polis but we do see the value (and a market for) face-to-face discussion and interaction with the liberal arts and sciences and with our neighbors. We are confident that investors will see a modest but steady return on their investment and we are happy to share our financial model. Contact us today if you are interested in talking more about investing in Polis and in your community.

Teach at Polis

We are actively seeking experienced and enthusiastic teachers for Polis courses. Apply today.

Spread the Word and Take a Course

The most effective way of building the Polis community and helping to bring our vision to reality is to spread the word. Take a class with us and if you enjoy the experience (and we think you will!) tell your friends, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and on the Polis blog.

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