The SFBound Series

The SFBound Course Series At Polis

Polis students may choose to take one course or may select to come to every course in this series.The SFBound Series is designed to accommodate the return students as well as the novice to the series.

All courses in the SFBound Series include a selection of California craft beer (with as many from SF area as possible!) curated by our good friends at Healthy Spirits beer store.

The SFBound Series is a collection of  Polis courses that allows participants to experience and better understand the city we share– San Francisco, CA.  The SFBound Series includes courses that are focused on classic fiction and non-fiction essays set in San Francisco as well as history, poetry, drama, film, and music.

San Francisco is a city filled with a rich and textured history and culture. A significant number of  San Francisco residents have migrated to “The City” from elsewhere.  The SFBound series provides an opportunity for multi-generational residents as well as newcomers (and everyone in between!) to learn about our shared city.

The SFBound Series, like all Polis courses, uses a selected text as the launching point for a facilitated conversation with a diverse group of participants. The SFBound Series facilitators (and the Polis class space in general) provides a safe place to explore ideas and sometimes hear opposing viewpoints and interpretations about San Francisco’s past and present cultural, political shifts, and social tensions.

All are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Each class in the SFBound Series focuses on a range of essential discussion questions rooted in the assigned reading(s) including:

  • What does it mean to call a city home?
  • What is lost and what is gained from influences of  innovation and technology in San Francisco?
  • Who gets to decide what is “ authentically” San Francisco?
  • How does the city’s past shape our modern experience?
  • What can we learn from the city’s past and present tensions?
  • What do fictional accounts of San Francisco tells us about the realities of the city?
  • San Francisco–Utopia? Dystopia?


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