Thanksgiving, Polis in the News, and a Small Dose of Wendell Berry

Polis In the NewsPolis in the News

I am happy to share a feature article about Polis that appears in today’s Mission Local newspaper. This is the first article written about Polis and it captures the spirit of spontaneity and unpredictability in the Polis classroom, the overall goal of creating a mixed-age and diverse community, and the joys (and challenges!) of authentic conversations filled with divergent opinions. 

Check out the full Mission Local feature article here.

Thank_You_GratitudeGratitude For The Polis Community

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to pause and express gratitude. In fact, there is a growing body of research that links expressions of gratitude to better overall health- it’s a win-win!

At Polis, we are so grateful for all of the people who have dedicated their time, expertise, and talent to create this new and vibrant community.

  • Thanks to all of the incredibly talented and dedicated Polis instructors who have taken on this project as a true labor of love and have helped to shape and grow the community.
  • Thanks to the dozens of people who have given us business and organizational advice. As a new organization, we have benefitted tremendously from the expertise of Polis supporters who have offered start-up business advice.  We have avoided so many potholes because of their wisdom.
  • Thanks to our board of advisors who have been tireless in offering encouragement, academic and course offering suggestions, and who have been cheerleaders throughout the process of getting started.
  • Thanks to the Women’s Building in the Mission for being a community space for organizations like Polis.
  • Thanks especially to all of our students who leaped into this new community and took the risk to engage in meaningful in-person discussion with their neighbors.


Join Us At PolisA Small Dose of Wendell Berry

Fall is a perfect time to read some Wendell Berry. If you are not familiar with Berry’s writing, a great essay to start with is Men and Women In Search of Common Ground.

An excerpt from the essay that may ring true as we approach the holidays and spend time with family and friends:

These ways of marriage, kinship, friendship, and neighborhood surround us with forbiddings; they are forms of bondage, and involved in our humanity is always the wish to escape. We may be obliged to look on this wish as necessary, for, as I have just implied, these unions are partly shaped by internal pressure. But involved in our humanity also is the warning that we can escape only into loneliness and meaninglessness. Our choice may be between a small, human-sized meaning and a vast meaninglessness, or between the freedom of our virtues and the freedom of our vices…” (Berry, Men and Women in Search of Common Ground)

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